Neurocore Brain Performances Center


With its establishment in 2004 with a vision of providing brain assessment, training, and enhancement, the institution has managed to make huge strides towards their goal. Through the use of neural feedback, the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have managed to control depression, eradicating sleeping disorders, improve mental acuity and boost the ability of the client to manage stress. The organization also uses Biofeedback in managing various brain conditions.

Brief Definition of Nerocore

The training usually conducted by the neurocore involves therapeutic breathing methods. Therapeutic breathing methods consist in controlling a person’s breathing patterns to help in enhancing the brain. In achieving the process, there is a need to involve the subconscious mind and continuously regulate the breathing pattern as well. This connection between mind and body is an added advantage for the patients at the Neurocore. Since inception, fourteen years ago, the institution has managed to make huge strides towards attaining the title of the National Authority in Applied Neuroscience. Its rapid expansion has seen the center open up to eight of its branches in Michigan and Florid.

Additionally, all the facilities are open to the public. Furthermore, the center has diversified its customer base to include franchises as well as athletes. The involvement of neurofeedback in their training was pioneered in association with Portland Trail Blazers. The agreement between the two bodies has led to the addition of a brain room that is capable of monitoring the athletes breathing pattern and monitoring their stress level as well as enhancing brain relaxation.

Depression Treatment using Neurotherapy

Depression is one of the world’s leading killer and people affected by it in the United States was at about ten million adults as of 2016 according to the National Institute of Mental Health. The depression episodes may last for a few days to several years. The most noticeable changes in the functioning ability of a person for some time. Unfortunately, the causes are not yet fully known.

Neurocore brain training therapy is one of the methods for treating depression. It begins by doing a comprehensive assessment using qEEG to map the wave produced by the brain and validating the symptoms.

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