Education Secretary Betsy Devos On Charter School Reforms

Betsy Devos is the education secretary in the Trump Administration. With a voting of 51-50, that ended by a tiebreaker, she was confirmed as the education secretary by the Senate. She grew up in Michigan and initially worked at her father’s billion-dollar automotive parts company.



Betsy Devos recently came under the spotlight when she met with a representative of the transgender community in her department just hours before President Trump made it permissible for transgender students to use washrooms in school that resemble their identities.



The Wednesday before, Ms. Desos was against this move according to officials. But the surprising part was she never showed any sign of repulsion or discomfort on the disagreement with the Trump administration. When the new policy was being made official, Ms. DeVos joined in naturally.



There are ardent followers of Ms. Desos who supported her throughout her career starting from when she was the leading advocate of charter schools to becoming a major Republican donor. These people think of her to be capable of being publicly gracious while facing tremendous challenges. In her home state Michigan, she had the impression of a self-driven, successful and efficient politician. She used the huge resources at her disposal to make donations or to teach lessons to her enemies. She has been working tirelessly without many people knowing and has managed to pass multiple reforms.



Enemies and opponents claim to have taken notice of how Ms.DeVos does not have a meaningful connection with school and colleges and fail to understand the problems of low-income families as she and her husband were both home-schooled.



Ms.Devos has spent 30 years of her life fighting to push tax money to charter schools which rely completely on public money but operate under private groups. She is very adamant about seeking public funds for paying tuitions fees at schools rather than the use of vouchers. There are a lot of different views from the supporters and the opponents on this matter. For the opponents, it is a way to starve the public schools of its resources and the supporters think it provides low-income groups with a variety of choices.



Betsy Devos’s years of effort has been fruitful as Detroit currently has the largest cluster of charter schools. But the schools in Detroit are unsatisfactory in terms of performance and due to lack of supervision, the environment in the schools is turning chaotic. But the public schools in Detroit are no less, considered one of the worst functioning systems in the states.



The politician Greg McNeilly worked closely with Betsy DeVos disclosed how she comprehended what most of the citizens couldn’t. The fact that when scores of students were compared it was found that public schools do not perform as well as the other developed nations.


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