Investment Company – New Residential Investment Corp

New Residential Investment Corp is a real estate company that takes investments and manages them as they relate to the business. It is a best public company and they can be contacted via their own website. According to their LinkedIn profile, New Residential Investment Corp manages mortgage loans, other investments, mortgage servicing rights, and mortgages for home related to security. New Residential Investment Corp understands how the industry can change with new laws and regulations. They believe that they are ready for whatever arises as there is a lot of potential in the flourishing real estate market.

The company believes that they are one of the best around with knowledgable professionals, a good stock record, and relationships to take someone to the next level. According to a page from, the brand can be found in New York City as it was created in the year 2011. New Residential Investment Corp is involved with Fortress Investment Group LLC.

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