Paul Mampilly Offers Some Great Tips Businesses Need to Survive in the Year 2019

In the last few years, people have been finding it hard to understand how the financial markets function and what the ways they could better their investment strategy are. One of the ways you would be able to make smarter investment decisions is by following the advice of the leading financial advisors and strategists, such as Paul Mampilly. He has spent years managing funds for companies and banks, including Kinetics Asset Management, Banker’s Trust, Deutsche Bank, and many more. Working in the Ivy League financial organizations has helped Paul Mampilly get the insight that a layperson would not have.

It is this knowledge and experience he is sharing with the people these days by writing articles and editing financial newsletters at Banyan Hill Publishing, the leading United States-based financial publishing house. Recently, Paul Mampilly posted an article where he mentioned several predictions for the business year 2019. In this year, he believes that Big Data would play an essential role in how the small, medium and large businesses operate. He also mentioned how the real estate sector can witness a slowdown due to the prolonged hike in the rate. Paul said that the businesses would be more open and interactive with the customers as it is what would help them build a long-term relationship and bond with the customers. As the markets are getting more and more competitive, it is necessary that the business change their attitude to achieve their goals, especially when it comes to competing with the startups.

Paul Mampilly has some advice for large corporations. He predicts that in the coming years, it will become essential for large companies to take into considerations the needs and the wants of the customers when designing products and services. Since start-ups and small businesses cater to a small group of people, they are in a better position to understand exactly what the customer’s needs and it is the reason why they are becoming more successful. Paul Mampilly feels that there will be a greater need for large companies to invest in customer surveys before launching a product. They no longer can take their customers for granted as brand loyalty will become a thing of the past. Paul Mampilly’s 10 Predictions for Business in 2019

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