Managing Director, Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry was born in the United Kingdom in his home town, London. He always had a talent and passion in assessment of financial risks and mathematics. He later pursued statistics and Actuarial Mathematics in Heriot-Watt University, a university in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he graduated in 2001. Upon graduating, Gareth got his first job with the team of managerial research at Watson Wyatt. He later moved to another managerial team in the Global Investment Management Services where he worked up to 2004.

In 2004, Gareth Henry worked as an investment manager in SEI Investments. In SEI Investments he managed pension funds, insurers and consultants for only one year, after which he moved on to Shroders, as the Director. At Shroders, Gareth worked for almost two years and in 2007 he decided to be an adventurer by moving on to the Fortress Investment Group in the United States where he worked as managing director of company. While at Fortress, Mr. Henry also was the company’s International Investor Relations Head. At this position he did a great job by raising capital of the company’s hedge funds significantly, private credit, real estate holdings and private equity.

He also oversaw Fortress’ distribution agreements in Asia as well as engaging with different companies in his country of birth, the United Kingdom, in the Middle East and even Europe. Gareth also had yet another position in Fortress Investment Group as the Global Head of Investor Relations where he managed the company’s 4 billion United States Dollars hedge funds business. As a Global Head of Investor Relations, Mr. Henry also extended his services to Angelo, Gordon & Co. a company where he was a partner where he raised $4.5 billion in 2016 and $2.5 billion in 2017.

Gareth Henry, in 2018 established and aided in funding of the Gareth Henry Access Bursary at his former University, Heriot-Watt, where he will also offer a regular mentorship and coaching for long-term career growth. He said that he hopes that other graduates from Heriot-Watt may see their achievements through hard work and studying in Actuarial Sciences, one of the few degrees that the United Kingdom actuarial profession will accredit. As a professional in the field of alternative investment strategies Gareth is very experienced in the spread of quantitative investing in the investment world, and in hedge funds that have become quite popular, Henry has shed light about how the assets can be important in diversifying portfolios of investors in a non-correlated fashion. Gareth is now the Managing Director of one of the most successful alternative investment firms globally.

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