Rebel Wilson

 Rebel Wilson from Australia is known for stepping out of conformity. Her newest movie Isn’t It Romantic in theaters now is accentuates this fact as she is basically the first plus sized woman to take on a leading role in a romantic comedy. Many people know Rebel Wilson from her part as Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect movies where she does an incredible job of being one of the funniest aspects of that franchise.

Rebel Wilson captures audiences because of her ability to own her overweight figure and use it as part of her very funny persona. While Rebel was told to be shy as a young girl, she has definitely come into her own and is known as being one of the funniest women in Hollywood currently.

In the new romantic comedy Isn’t It Romantic, Rebel Wilson plays Natalie, a young woman who grows up watching romantic comedies but her mom intervenes and gives her the reality check that those movies just aren’t realistic and life doesn’t happen that way.

Natalie then decides she has a strong dislike for romantic comedies, until one day an accidental twist of fate knocks Natalie unconscious and when she awakens her entire like is a romantic comedy. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

She goes from living a shabby and uninteresting life to living in a fairy tale life where handsome men pursue her and even her apartment is transformed into something out of a dream. Rebel is hilarious to watch as her character Natalie attempts to adapt to her new life in the world she thought she hated.

As her new life progresses, Natalie discovers that life can be a fairy tale sometimes as a very attractive man falls for her. In the end Natalie also discovers there are more to men than looks as she falls for the less attractive, yet kind and goofy man chasing her is the one she wants to be with.


Of course the entire premise of the movie is a little cheesy and corny but Rebel Wilson play her part well and keeps the audience laughing throughout the film.

Although the backstory is strange, this is a part tailor made for Rebel Wilson and she does not disappoint. You know what you are getting when you buy tickets to this one, it’s entertaining and provides laughs as a light and funny way to spend an evening with a date.

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