Bringing Back Nature with Sharon Prince

Imagine 80 acres of pure nature open to the public at no charge, this place is Grace Farms. Every season offers something different to visitors that come to enjoy peace and nature in Fairfield county Connecticut.

This farm serves as a community center that holds many purposes. The center educates people about nature, conservation of wildlife and their environment, among other spiritual and art topics. One focus at Grace Farms is restoring the vast amount of land back to a sustainable ecosystem for local wildlife, the land was previously used as an equestrian farm. By allowing the previously mowed areas to grow into the meadows they once were the wildlife came back in strong numbers. Nearly 40 species of birds alone now live in the area including the once threatened and endangered Kestral Falcon.

Another issue close to the heart of Grace Farm is self-sustainability. The community garden found on the farm offers a prime opportunity to educate the public. The garden offers anyone to be actively involved in the garden for any number of reasons. Gardening is said to be a stress reliever, but the garden also allows staff to educate. People looking to start their own gardens at home may come in and learn about how to get started and maintain their own space. All produce is organic and never goes to waste. What isn’t used at the on-site food area is donated to food banks and charities.

The objectives at Grace Farms aligns perfectly with it’s president Sharon Prince. Sharon is heavily involved in charity work ranging anywhere from nature to human rights. Before becoming president of Grace Farms Sharon was the president of 66North where she developed and dispersed the outerwear to 100 stores in North America. With her success before coming to Grace Farms, the expectation is that this community center will only continue to evolve.

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