Article Title: Has Eestablished An AI Accelerator Program

Article Text: is a leading retailer in the world. The company has recorded much of its success by utilizing cutting-edge technological advancements. As the largest retailer in China, has embraced artificial intelligence as one of the necessary tools for running an e-commerce business. The company has launched AI accelerator which will serve as an incubation hub for AI startups. Any company that is aiming at developing AI solutions should consider the platform offered by as of the best to utilize.

JD launched its demo day when they hosted the first batch of startups to showcase their products. Some of the topics covered by the first batch of startups to join this incubator include healthcare, education, retail, legal and others. Some of the projects that have been developed through the AI accelerator program have already been utilized in the daily operations

A good example is FaGouGou a legal consultancy service that is powered by artificial intelligence. It helps JD’s legal team to understand the merchants who need legal services and advice. The solutions comprise of speech recognition technology, legal databases, AI algorithms, and Q&A platforms where suppliers, partners, merchants, and other entrepreneurs can access quick answers on legal questions around investment, financing, labor issues, corporate management, and others.

Another startup that is doing well is known as 9kaCha. It helps customers to remember names of wines. It will analyze and provide recommendations where necessary. It has the capacity to analyze hundreds of different brands to come up with suitable suggestions. The app provides information such as taste, color, origin, type, age and other characteristics of the wine. It is even possible to upload a wine label to be able to purchase a particular brand directly from has already announced that it will be launching the second batch of startups for its AI accelerator program soon. Some of the startups that are expected to be hosted deal with technologies such as 3D vision. will also be working closely with these startups to help them test and take their innovations to higher levels.

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