Agera Energy is an energy firm that has been in existence ever since 2014 and has grown to be a leading distributor and supplier of energy. They explore the power options for using natural gas and also the use of electricity. Agera Energy is also involved in wind harnessing to provide energy to the states it serves. Their powers varieties are known to be of quality, and they also deliver quality work. The firm runs effectively under an able chain of command headed by Chief Executive Officer, Geoff Duda.

Agera Energy has on board a new officer in charge of financial matters, Mark. He has a background in the energy sector and has delved into the business and retail industry for close to seven years now. H has served various roles that include organizational, planning and controlling in multiple companies and has even been a senior Vice Preside t for the KPMG firm. His hard work, dedication, commitment, and vast experience make him suitable to work for the job position at Agera Energy.

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