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Article Text: is the leading retailer in China – both online and offline. The company is founded by Richard Liu, who have always wanted to become an entrepreneur. Richard Liu is very good when it comes to handling his business and he always lead the company to discover something new.

In 2016, launched a program at Wuyi County, Hebei Province in China that will help the farmers gain an additional income. Wuyi County has always been known as one of the poorest places in the country, and decided to step up its game and helped the people from the area.

Through the Running Chicken program, provided free-range chickens to the farmers in Wuyi County, and they are challenged to help the birds grow by natural means. The chickens grew and became in-demand because of their tasty meat. also supplied the farmers with the things that they need for taking care of the chickens. In the end, many of these chickens were sold though the online retail store, and many customers of the retail giant praised hor is giving them a supply of fresh chicken meat.

The trade with free-range chickens also had a positive effect to the people of Wuyi County. The farmers earned thousands of RMB because of their dedication to raise the chickens. Poverty incidence also dipped, and the county was removed from the list of the poorest counties in China after the miraculous boom of the top chicken industry.

The people of Wuyi County are thankful towards the assistance that they received from and they said that they will continue looking after the chickens. They also developed new ways on how to earn more money by making an efficient production of other chicken by-products like egg.’s program is a huge success, and Richard Liu said that he would like to copy the success of the farmers in Wuyi County and spread the prosperity to other poor places in China. Meanwhile, the Running Chicken program will continue and the free-range chickens will still be raised by the farmers in their 27 hectare natural habitat that encourages growth.

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