Article Title: Agera Energy Brings Cheaper Power To Cambridge Residents

Agera Energy has made a name for itself in providing the American residents with electricity and renewable energy over the years. Agera Energy won the contract to supply power under the Cambridge Community Electricity program. The residents enjoy cheaper power from Agera Energy because the company embraces more solar power than the state’s recommendation.

In the new program, the customers would receive power at an energy rate of 10.486 cents per kilowatt-hour. The power cost is cheaper than the one from Eversource. The company aims at helping residents save through the cheaper source.

According to Agera Energy, all the customers receiving power from the standard ever source supply would automatically enroll in the new program. However, they would opt out of the plan and return to ever source at no cost that charges power at the rate of 13.157 cents/kWh. The residents also have an option of using 100% Green option that connects power at 12.180 cents per kilowatt-hour. Agera Energy’s new program is the cheapest but there is a freedom of choice.

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