Avaaz: Global Community

Although this small community has only seen five active years since its launch, the global organization that promotes the millions of people from around the world have become increasingly noticed and recognized. The word “Azaaz” for which it stands for means “voice” in a number of European, Middle-Eastern, and Asian Languages. The global organization is committed to empowering millions of people from numerous walks of life no matter their background or characteristic. The goal of this extraordinary organization is to ultimately bridge the world to allow united communities for everyone. For a substantial plan and working campaigns, the organization helps bridge communities by speaking fifteen languages and serves people in teams in six continents.

There are thousands of volunteers from around the world fighting for the same cause as they sign petitions, contact governments by lobbying, and emailing, fund media campaigns, organize protests and events and many other tactics to ensure that the people of the numerous communities are affected to experience a better future. This amazing group spares no time to voice their opinions and find ways to grant immediate results. They keep track of their member count (which is proudly over forty-million) while also managing the actions they’ve done and the countries they operate in.

Their members continue to provide consistency for their own issues where they live, and with the aid of Avaaz, they are certain to have the backup. Of course, one cannot discount the fact that social media and technology allows people to easily voice their opinions, which Avaaz proudly takes as their advantage. With a number of metaphors and analogies used to describe the usefulness of being able to voice their opinion, it has been able to boost the productivity of the organization overall. For efficient results, Avaaz is said to alert its members and the communities affiliated with them of current events and request help. This allows for maximum support worldwide and quick, positive change.

Surf Air Celebrates their Five-Year Anniversary by Rewarding Members

Surf Air is celebrating their five-year anniversary by partnering with The Private Suite LAX and the FoundersCard. The Private Suite LAX is an improvement in benefits for preferred and premium members that includes free annual membership, estimated at $4,500, and ideal prices for the brand new private terminal in Los Angeles. This terminal cuts the waiting time by having the TSA, immigration, and custom’s screening processes located on site. Members will also be chauffeured directly to the aircraft where their bags will already be waiting.

The FoundersCard is a group with over 25,000 members who are all business owners and visionaries. This makes it a very valuable when it comes to expanding and adding to one’s network. The benefits from this partnership include negotiated prices for hotels and resorts and variable cancellation opportunities.

Surf Air thinks of their customers as members, and not just passengers. They save their members time and money by shortening weight times and removing the hassle of comparing flights and planning their trips ahead of time. With Surf Air, members can book their flights 30 seconds in advance from the various scheduled flight times. Members can also enjoy the luxury of a seven-passenger plane while still saving money compared to private charters or jets. Each member gets their own bathroom and two-person day bed. The plane used is a Swiss-made Pilatus PC-12 and has earned many industry-specific awards for safety. Surf Air flies in and out of various cities in the United States and Europe through private airports.

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