Rocketship Education Uses Criticism To Grow

Charter school networks have frequently been the target of extensive criticism, and Rocketship Education has been no different. While a portion of this may have been justified, many supporters of the network have suggested that much of this hasn’t been fair or accurate. In spite of this,¬†Rocketship Education has taken the majority of this on board and used it to improve and keep growing. Because of that, the charter school network has opened a variety of educational facilities in a few different states. Some of the more notable of these include San Jose Bay Area, Milwaukee, WI, Nashville, TN, and Washington D.C.

Furthermore, the charter school network has focused on improving educational prospects in underprivileged areas so that they can reduce the accomplishment gap. Along these lines, Rocketship Education has continually hoped to improve its services in a few key communities. The charter school network has also looked to create a number of innovative teaching strategies and methodologies, some of which have been the target of criticism. Some of the more significant of these have included utilizing an extensive amount of technology in the classroom as a teaching tool. On top of this, Rocketship Education has also offered a more customized learning path for students, with an assortment of one-on-one sessions with students. Much of this has been done with the philosophy that innovation isn’t optional, but mandatory.

With these, the staff at Rocketship Education have been able to create an environment where students not only want to learn but are actively supported throughout this journey. A lot of this has been because the charter school network has always believed that students have certain rights that may not be met in many other schools. These incorporate being creative and to find out more about the world through exploration. With this, Rocketship Education has been effectively supporting students to learn and grow as people in a variety of ways, instead of just educationally. Because of that, Rocketship Education uses a more holistic approach to education that encourages students to grow as people. As such, the majority of students develop a deep passion for learning that’s carried on even after they’ve left a Rocketship Education school.

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