Restoring the Wild with Sharon Prince, Founder of Grace Farms

Grace Farm’s scenic view is a monumental recreation of the wilderness. It serves to meet the goal of Grace Farms, to encourage the interaction of humans with nature and thereby provide an insightful look at our true selves.

Earth Day Celebrations

This annual event is celebrated with pomp and color at Grace Farms. Scores of visitors from far and wide gather to celebrate for an entire day, the accomplishments made in the previous year with regards to conservation.

Grace Farms comes up with engaging activities to keep the visitors entertained while pushing their agenda on protecting flora and fauna. This year’s event will take place on the Saturday of April 27. Everyone is invited for fun activities, conversation with experts and the highlight of the day being interaction with the wild spaces.


To begin the day, at Meadows Plaza family entertainment will occur alongside a showcase of various native plants and a demonstration on sustainable ecosystems by Pollinator Pathway. Next, at Habitat and Home, a workshop for kids from ages 3–10 on animal habitation will take place. Home to over seventy-six species of birds, Grace Farms’ guided nature bird walk is something to look forward to. From noon, Brian Bradley, the master falconer will provide insights into the lives of falcons.

Sharon Prince

Founder of Grace Farms and alumnus of The University of Tulsa, Sharon has spearheaded the recovery of wild habitation and their protection from encroachment. Herself, an activist against child exploitation and violence on women, she leads fights from the front. Her efforts are remarkable.

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Nitin Khanna: A Tech Mind Turned Investor

Nitin Khanna is a man of many talents. He is a brilliant leader, an entrepreneur, an investor, a tech professional and also someone who has a powerful drive to improve. All of these traits have made him the proficient and knowledgeable professional that he stands as today. Nitin Khanna currently stands as the CEO of Merger Tech and is someone who has had a massive role in the development of the company. His drive and ability to succeed is something that has helped him and has enabled him to see a better future for the company.

Nitin Khanna was born in India and attended boarding schools all over the country. His father belonged to the Indian Army, and he was taught the values of hard work and dedication since a very early age. Nitin Khanna wanted to succeed, which is why he always worked hard on his goals. When he was just seventeen years old, he decided to leave India and come and live in the United States. He also came here with the intention of attaining a degree in industrial engineering. Nitin Khanna then moved on to a number of proceeding educational ventures until he reached his Ph.D., which he attained in Robotic Engineering.

Being in education for so long made Nitin Khanna realize that he wanted to get out into the world and do something for himself. His brother had just moved to the United States which is why he decided that he would start up a company with him. The two started a software company known as Saber Corp, which offered a unique election software that was efficient and reduced the possibility of error by a significant amount. Over the next few years, twenty-one states in the country were making use of the software that Nitin Khanna had built and implemented. This was something that convinced him that he could be the successful name that he always wanted to be.

Nitin Khanna worked for ten years at the company before he decided that he wanted to be an investor and help those who are in need of professional guidance. He started investing in companies that he believed in, and which he thought could grow positively, leading him to many successful ventures.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong Shows You the Way

How do you go from failing in the restaurant industry to creating a $37 billion dollar revenue generating company? Patience and persistence according to Richard Liu Qiangdong. The short story is that Richard Liu Qiangdong failed in the restaurant industry and had to make a transition from doing what he did in the past to doing something different.

So what did he do?

He went into sales. That’s right.

Richard Liu Qiangdong stepped into health product sales and then moved on to opening up his own retail store which sold computer parts.

Things went swimmingly until the nation was swept up by the SARS epidemic. The SARS epidemic forced Richard Liu Qiangdong to make a decision, he could either close up shop temporarily until SARS went away or he could move his operations into the digital frontier.

Richard Liu Qiangdong chose the latter and started journey to success. Richard Liu didn’t give up, he looked at his options and made the rational choice of making certain that he pressed forward. It would certainly have been easy to give up, he could have simply went to a different venture and have started all over, instead, he chose

Richard Liu Qiangdong started the store offline and then transitioned it the online sector. This decision would help him to become one of the strongest players within the retail space. He would go on to list the company on the Nasdaq in 2014, where it would be a public company and then he would move forward with adding more innovations and interesting components to the company.

The company now has a market capitalization of more than $40 billion dollars. Richard Liu Qiangdong is a larger than life figure because of his many different characteristics and his accomplishments. He makes certain to finalize what he starts and to move forward despite opposition.

Expect great things from They will continue to partner with large corporations such as Walmart, small and nimble startups and help to improve lives for people in China and for people who shop on their site, have ideas, and want to be a part of the digital future.

About Richard Liu:

Bringing Back Nature with Sharon Prince

Imagine 80 acres of pure nature open to the public at no charge, this place is Grace Farms. Every season offers something different to visitors that come to enjoy peace and nature in Fairfield county Connecticut.

This farm serves as a community center that holds many purposes. The center educates people about nature, conservation of wildlife and their environment, among other spiritual and art topics. One focus at Grace Farms is restoring the vast amount of land back to a sustainable ecosystem for local wildlife, the land was previously used as an equestrian farm. By allowing the previously mowed areas to grow into the meadows they once were the wildlife came back in strong numbers. Nearly 40 species of birds alone now live in the area including the once threatened and endangered Kestral Falcon.

Another issue close to the heart of Grace Farm is self-sustainability. The community garden found on the farm offers a prime opportunity to educate the public. The garden offers anyone to be actively involved in the garden for any number of reasons. Gardening is said to be a stress reliever, but the garden also allows staff to educate. People looking to start their own gardens at home may come in and learn about how to get started and maintain their own space. All produce is organic and never goes to waste. What isn’t used at the on-site food area is donated to food banks and charities.

The objectives at Grace Farms aligns perfectly with it’s president Sharon Prince. Sharon is heavily involved in charity work ranging anywhere from nature to human rights. Before becoming president of Grace Farms Sharon was the president of 66North where she developed and dispersed the outerwear to 100 stores in North America. With her success before coming to Grace Farms, the expectation is that this community center will only continue to evolve.

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Bhanu Choudhrie — A successful British-Indian Entrepreneur

Bhanu Choudhrie was born in Delhi in 1978. He received the title of the Entrepreneur of the year at the ASIAN Voice Political and Public Life awards in 2008. He has studied Marketing and International Business at the University of Boston and moved to London.  Follow the link

In an interview published online at ‘This is money,’ Bhanu Choudhrie maintained that he preferred moving to London rather than staying in the U.S after completing his degree because he witnessed many opportunities with lots of new businesses and ventures in London. After being asked regarding the Asian Entrepreneur of the Year award which he accomplished in the year 2008, Bhanu asserted that it was really exciting for him to achieve this award. He further maintained that what pleases him is to learn, develop and meet entrepreneurs in a country where he wasn’t born. He was so astounded to receive this award that he felt he was at a loss for words to express his delight. He was questioned about the area of investment which he derives the most pleasure from. He was of the view that he enjoys all the different businesses he is involved in. Real Estate has been exciting for him. He considers opening hotels and hospitality of the people as something amazing. He derives pleasure from interacting with so many people, the care assistants, doctors and even the patients in the health care industry.

Bhanu Choudhrie mentioned his successful ventures in the interview, the ventures which had been great aviation such as investment in Air Deccan in 2003, a low budget airline in India that consisted only of one plane. Bhanu Choudhrie has also been into Charity work. He said he used to visit the blind and disabled persons as a child. Choudhrie remarked that the secret behind his success is being able to be supporting and working with management teams, CEOs and professionals. Choudhrie’s group is now all set to seek opportunities regarding investments in Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan. His personality serves as an example for all those who want to be on a high pedestal as an entrepreneur. Visit


Stream Energy’s Philanthropic Works to its Community

Stream Energy is a successful business that deals with the direct sale of energy, protective, wireless and home services. The company was started in 2005 where it generates revenue of more than $ 8 billion in more than ten states. Stream Energy is among the top 10 companies in its sector to have global wireless plans that include digital voices services and virtual MD. The business has further grown to offer their clients the connections at home, road, and at work using their exclusive business model besides using other stream associates. What’ more, the company has also established a separate department that focuses on giving back to the community, which is known as Stream Cares.

About Stream Care Foundation and its Benefits

The Stream Care Foundation operates as a sub-division department of the Stream Energy Company where it supports charity works in the local community. It is a non-profit organization that is in the business of helping the needy children and has so far given $ 15,000 to charity bodies such as the American Red Cross. Furthermore, the Stream Care Foundation was again involved in helping many of the people during the Hurricane Harvey disaster that left so many homeless in Dallas. It did this in conjunction with the Hope Supply Company when the Hurricane hit Houston causing massive damage to the lives of people as they lost their homes and pets, while others losing their lives.

Moreover, the Dallas based firm spent a large sum of its finances in off-loading the burden of most of the residents including their clients. Stream Energy holds its corporate philosophy as one essential part of its business that has been running for more than ten years in which they formalized the department when they launched the Stream Care Foundation. Equally important, with the launching of the company’s charity department has been beneficial not only to the community around but also to the company itself as it will lead to more loyalty of the brand. Additionally, Stream Energy uses its business model to offer corporate and residential services through its associates whose role is to develop good relations with clients, hence its many loyal customers.

Matt Badiali Explains How He Makes Articles About Natural Resource Investing Relatable

When Matt Badiali was a college student he expected he would become a scientist. He never imagined he would become a natural resources investment guru. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in geology and was working towards a doctorate when in 2004 he had a conversation with a financial expert.

This expert soon became his friend. While he was a financial expert he didn’t have the scientific background to invest in natural resources which he wanted to include in his toolkit. He asked Matt Badiali to conduct research into various natural resources such as tin, gold, and wood pulp. This turned into a career and he dropped his studies to enter the world of finance.

Matt Badiali decided to join Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017. He now authors a newsletter that lets his subscribers know what natural resources they should have in their portfolio. He writes about agricultural commodities, metals, natural gas, oil, and construction materials. He does his best to write in a way that everyone can read what he has to say and leaves the scientific jargon out of it.

He says he started Real Wealth Strategist because he wants to provide fundamentally useful advice to people looking to make huge gains in natural resource investments. He really likes to spot trends and find great opportunities for his subscribers. He says that when he works he thinks of his dad who tried to invest using conventional investment advice but could never find any success by doing so.

In order to make his writing more relatable and interesting he travels around the world. He shares the stories of places and people he has been to and met. Some of the nations he has been to include Mexico, Iraq, Peru, Canada, and Papua New Guinea. While there he will visit local drilling rigs and mines so he can see for himself what is going on.

Matt Badiali says that once there is a battery that can power a city electricity will be used to power basically everything. He thinks that oil and natural gas will become relics of the past once this discovery is made.

Wes Edens acquires a significant stake at Aston Villa

Distressed and undervalued assets this is an area that Wes Edens has become very good at investing. His ability to spot opportunities within this sector had him referred to as the new king of subprime in 2011. This followed his bold step to lead the Fortress Investment Group in the acquisition of AIG. At the time the company’s value had suffered a massive blow following the 2008 crisis and was on a continuous decline. Wes Edens saw an opportunity, and through the groups, Credit Private Equity wing acquired the same for 124 million dollars. He would lead its revival efforts, and by 015 he had been able to turn its fortunes around. The company is today known as SpringLeaf Financial a company managing an estimated 14 billion dollars. This saw him transform a company that had quite the limited current cash flows into one that is now considered a long-term flow generator. The group now invests in a number of areas that range from tangible & intangible assets spread in real estate, natural resources, capital assets, and intellectual property.

Wes Edens is not only interested in such investments as shown by his numerous investments in sports. He and his partner Nassef Sawiris invested an undisclosed amount to acquire a 55 percent stake at Aston Villa. This is a football club that currently plays in the Championship in England. The club has been in existence for over 100 years, but was recently faced by some challenges. They had been able to partly recover from the same and were, in fact about to make a comeback into the English Premier League had they not lost their final match in May. This, however, would not dissuade Wes Edens from making an investment. He understood the dynamics of the beautiful game and in so doing knew that if capital were injected into the club, they would give the management a chance to focus on what really mattered and sooner rather than later the club would be back to the EPL. Wes Edens is also a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks where he and his partner own a majority share.


Freedom Checks Are A Very Real Investment Opportunity That Should Not Be Ignored

In the media, “Freedom Checks” have been made out to be some kind of scam or something similar to Patriot Checks. The truth is that they are not even in the same category and are definitely not a scam. While expert investors like Matt Badiali have been promoting them through clever use of the term “Freedom Checks,” they are very real and can be very profitable for those who decide to dig further. In the United States, the oil and gas sector has been working to break free from the rest of the world. The nation has been dependent upon oil and gas from the Middle East and other regions for many years but is now working to create a larger oil and gas sector of its own.

Matt Badiali is an expert in the natural resource investing world, and he has pointed out that fracking has also increased the amount of oil and natural gas that companies are able to extract in the U.S.A. He has talked about how this will increase the bottom lines of many oil and gas companies in the country. Now, this is where “Freedom Checks” come in. What these really represent are cash payments that come from what are called Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). The United States government put these together many years ago, and while they are more regulated now than they were in the past, they are still an excellent investment opportunity.

Companies who earn most of their profits from the transportation, processing, manufacturing, or storage of oil and gas in the United States are eligible to offer this investment opportunity to people. When people invest in these, they receive payments that come out of the profits of these companies, and these payments are what people are calling “Freedom Checks.” These are very similar to stock dividends and also pay out every quarter or month. They have massive tax benefits, which allow them to only be taxed after they have been paid out in full. They are also taxed at the capital gains tax rate. Matt Badiali and others have just been trying to key people in to an opportunity they might, otherwise, miss.

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