Restoring the Wild with Sharon Prince, Founder of Grace Farms

Grace Farm’s scenic view is a monumental recreation of the wilderness. It serves to meet the goal of Grace Farms, to encourage the interaction of humans with nature and thereby provide an insightful look at our true selves.

Earth Day Celebrations

This annual event is celebrated with pomp and color at Grace Farms. Scores of visitors from far and wide gather to celebrate for an entire day, the accomplishments made in the previous year with regards to conservation.

Grace Farms comes up with engaging activities to keep the visitors entertained while pushing their agenda on protecting flora and fauna. This year’s event will take place on the Saturday of April 27. Everyone is invited for fun activities, conversation with experts and the highlight of the day being interaction with the wild spaces.


To begin the day, at Meadows Plaza family entertainment will occur alongside a showcase of various native plants and a demonstration on sustainable ecosystems by Pollinator Pathway. Next, at Habitat and Home, a workshop for kids from ages 3–10 on animal habitation will take place. Home to over seventy-six species of birds, Grace Farms’ guided nature bird walk is something to look forward to. From noon, Brian Bradley, the master falconer will provide insights into the lives of falcons.

Sharon Prince

Founder of Grace Farms and alumnus of The University of Tulsa, Sharon has spearheaded the recovery of wild habitation and their protection from encroachment. Herself, an activist against child exploitation and violence on women, she leads fights from the front. Her efforts are remarkable.

Sharon Prince’s: Twitter.